Light Safari

Beekse Bergen

Discover the magic of light

Experience an unforgettable adventure this winter during the very first edition of Light Safari at Safaripark Beekse Bergen. As the animals retreat to their shelters for the night, a beautiful rainbow of luminous animals, flowers and plants comes to life along the walking safari. Don't miss this unique event! 

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Experience the power of colour in nature

During the dark days of winter, we take you to a magical world full of colour at Safaripark Beekse Bergen. Walk through the different colour zones and learn more about the meaning of colour in nature. For instance, why are many poisonous animals yellow? And how does a rainbow actually form? Find out at the first ever Light Safari! By immersing yourself in a new colour zone each time, you will experience the power of colour like never before.

🌈 12 magical colour zones
🦋 3000 luminous animals, plants and flowers
First ever edition

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Practical information


Light Safari can be admired from 7 December 2023 through 25 February 2024, from 17:00 to 21:30, Thursday through Sunday. During the Christmas holidays (23 December through 7 January) and the spring holidays (10 through 25 February), you can visit Light Safari any evening you prefer. 


This unforgettable adventure will take place at Safaripark Beekse Bergen in Hilvarenbeek. A special walking route has been set up in part of the park for Light Safari. Light Safari route will be about 1.8 kilometres long and and is wheelchair accessible.

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Are you going to Light Safari alone at night? Or would you like to see the wilcombine your visit with an overnight stay? It’s all possible! d animals at the Safaripark during the day too? Would you like to come with a large group, or perhaps


Food & drink

There will be several spots along Light Safari route where you can enjoy delicious snacks and drinks. 


During Light Safari, you will not only enjoy breathtaking light sculptures but also experience a winter wonderland on the ice rink on Winterplein! Warm up with a cup of mulled wine or hot chocolate. 


  • Staying overnight

    Stay overnight at the Safari Resort, Lake Resort or Safari Hotel after Light Safari to enjoy Beekse Bergen for longer. Unwind in nature at the Lake Resort or spend the night among wildlife at the Safari Resort or Safari Hotel. 

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  • Group tickets

    Would you like to visit Light Safari with a group of 20 people or more? Then check out our group tickets and benefit from a discounted rate!

  • Annual pass holders

    Do you have a Beekse Bergen annual pass? Then you will receive a €12,50 discount on entry tickets for Light Safari (based on the cash register price). Special tickets for annual pass holders can be ordered using the button below.

Frequently asked questions

Light Safari will take place outdoors, but there will be several places to take shelter.   

Light Safari is suitable for all ages. The route is mainly magical and colourful and contains no frightening elements. The park will of course be dark in the evening, but there will be plenty of lighting.

During Light Safari, a special Winter Square will be created where you can skate. There will also be glow-in-the-dark face painting and LED hair wraps in the Afrikadorp. 

In the evening, the animals retreat to their indoor enclosures for the night. The elephant pen, giraffe pen and monkey enclosure will be open during Light Safari.  

It is also necessary for season ticket holders to order Light Safari tickets. However, a special rate of €10 per person applies in this case. 

Several catering outlets will be open during Light Safari, including in the Africadorp and Bia Baridi. There will also be an additional catering outlet at Winter Square.  

The Light Safari route will be about 1.8 kilometres long. How long it takes you depends on how much time you take to admire all the beautiful luminous flora and fauna. On average, the route will take 1.5 hours to walk. If you stop off at one of the cost squares to enjoy some snacks, drinks or entertainment, your safari will of course take a little longer.  

If you stay overnight in one of our accommodations on the days Light Safari is open, we will be happy to welcome you. For overnight guests with an Attraction Pass, admission to Light Safari is free. You will have unlimited access to Light Safari during opening hours during your stay.

The luminous flora and fauna can also be admired during the day in part of the park. However, they will not be illuminated during the day, so the full experience of the magical Light Safari walking trail full of light and colour is best experienced in the evening.

Light Safari is open from 17:00 to 21:30.

Light Safari can be admired via a specially laid out walking route. All the luminous flora and fauna will be positioned along the walking route. The boat, bus and car safari will therefore be closed during Light Safari.

A wheelchair can be hired free of charge from Guest Services. Carts are also available at a cost of €10.

Certainly. There are special Package tickets for this that give you access to the park both during the day and in the evening. Please note: Light Safari will take place in a limited area of Safaripark. Visitors with a Package ticket are requested to head towards Winter Square around 16:30 for the optimal Light Safari experience.  

Yes. Tickets for Light Safari can be booked both online and at the ticket office. Tickets can be booked by date; it is not necessary to reserve a time.   

Tip: a cheaper rate applies online than at the ticket office. 

Parking will be available in the Safari Park Beekse Bergen car park during the Light Safari. A parking token is required to leave the car park. This costs €9.50. A reduced rate of €5 applies for season ticket holders. Guests at Safari Resort, Safari Hotel and Lake Resort with an Attraction Pass can exit for free by means of licence plate registration. 

Light Safari can be admired from 7 December 2023 through 25 February 2024 from 17:00 to 21:30, Thursday through Sunday. During the Christmas holidays (23 December through 7 January) and the spring holidays (10 through 25 February), you can visit Light Safari every evening.  

For the safety of our animals, no pets are allowed. Assistance dogs are allowed in the park, provided that the supervisor can show identification and vaccination booklet of the assistance dog to guest services.

The park will close to day visitors at 16:30 and open its doors for Light Safari at 17:00. Between 16:30 and 17:00, Winter Square will be open exclusively to guests with a Package ticket for drinks and snacks. Winter Square is also the starting point for Light Safari, so this is the best way to experience Light Safari.   

Group tickets for 20 people or more can be purchased at a discounted group rate.

Light Safari offers many options for corporate events. If you contact us, we would be happy to help you arrange the perfect programme.